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The sequel to Full Medical with many of the same characters and a host of new ones. Criminal mastermind Vladimir Kalinin is back, for example, and plotting for world domination. This thrill ride takes you from the DC area, to Africa, China, Canada, and Spain, as the protagonists try to stop Vladimir from completing his evil agenda. This new second edition is completely rewritten and reedited by Steven M.

Paws, the intelligent cat. Yes, I could not resist the temptation to read the adventure of a sentient, mathematics inclined cat, told by Steven M. It exceeded my expectations. Paws is the result of a genetics experiment aboard a facility orbiting Earth in The cat and his newly found friends, a group of four smart teenagers, find themselves in an intrigue with corporate agendas, young curiosity, dangerous and ethically problematic research, relationships and their difficulties when coming of age.

The complexity is enthralling, but the author also makes it easy to follow, using a light, natural style to tell us their story. Want to know more about A. Detectives Chen and Castilblanco battle terrorists, neo-Nazis, and a Mexican cartel in this new thriller, the second book in the series. Chen breaks out of her stoical shell to have a hot and steamy relationship.

This novel shows why we always have to be vigilant against those whose thirst for power becomes an obsession. The protagonists—the tough, brilliant, and beautiful Silvia Kensington, the old warrior Brent Mueller, bent but not broken, and others—serve as my Second Foundation; the villain—Dimitri Negrini, an evil genius—my Mule. They become forged in fire by the events portrayed in the first two novels and their struggles in this one.

What happens when paranoid U. The year is They battle a government conspiracy that goes far beyond an attack on the elderly who possess classified information. But is it really the government conspiring?

British (Irish, Welsh, Scottish and Australian) Murder Mystery TV Series

Your old friends, NYPD homicide detectives Chen and Castilblanco, play supporting roles in this fast-paced sci-fi thriller. Instead the focus is on middle-aged Homeland Security agent Ashley Scott who rather inadvertently stumbles into a government facility playing host to some highly suspicious activity. Several chapters give you a look into the shadowy characters of Raven and Hawk, who are somehow related to the mysterious operation Scott uncovers and eventually becomes a victim of…. This book is a page-turner that keeps you guessing until the end…. As a mystery novel, it is a dark probing into the nexus the crime underworld sometimes enjoys with the rich and powerful.

Chen is arrested for the murder of a senator in circumstances that seem to leave no doubt of her guilt, but Castilblanco steps in to try to prove her innocence.

The Culture of AIDS in Africa: Hope and Healing Through Music and the Arts

With this new crime novel, I continue the saga of your two favorite detectives as they and their companions fight the corrupting influence of the illegal weapons trade. This is solid work—two lead characters who are as opposite as can be but who form a perfect crime fighting combo. What I especially like about this book is that everything was laid out in front of the reader—there were any number of suspects—and I let myself be led down a trail only to be shocked at who actually did it!

Great writing—wonderful character development—I think the best yet from this author! This new sci-fi thriller carries the reader beyond government conspiracies and political intrigue to worldwide suspense and action. But this country-hopping tale also stands alone as a glimpse into a possible future where forces both good and evil, aided by science and technology, fight to the death.

I still think that, after finishing, but I loved the ending. Why is his battle with Castilblanco personal? These questions and more are answered in this action-packed fourth addition to the series which takes you on a breathless tour of Western Europe and the U. Well, this story has them all. And it is all woven very expertly together. There are also a few surprises along the way.

I Am the True Vine (John 15:1–6)

As a textbook example of a self-contained story that is part of a series, we wish this author would start giving lectures on how to accomplish this feat. Clearly this is a maturing writer who has got all of the basics down pat, and this story is like a little cocoon of awesomeness ready to hatch into an epic dragon. Ex-USN Master-at-Arms Mary Jo Melendez finds a new job and a lot of trouble as she is accused of stealing state secrets and murdering her sister and brother-in-law.

She escapes and rambles across Europe, South America, and the U. In the process she finds adventure, romance, and friends who restore her faith in humanity. I love the fact that she was so well rounded…. The detectives set out to solve the murder of a SOHO art dealer, delve into the shadowy world of art thieves, and discover that stolen artworks can serve as collateral to finance some dark and sleazy entrepreneurship.

A must read for followers of the series. Writer Steven M. Moore, in his new thriller, The Collector, has successfully merged these two criminal activities to create the latest in the NYPD homicide detectives Chen and Castilblanco series. Moments of action and suspense are spaced between moments of reflection and character-building, making for a smooth and creamy blend that went down easily….

The Collector is a near-perfect slice of mystery, with flavorful characters and a punchy plot!

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Taking this as a sample of the rest of the series, I think I can safely endorse the rest of them as well. Garner in his blog review. Mary Jo has a new job as security director for a computer games firm in the Silicon Valley. She also has a stalker and Russian and U.

The PI she hires to protect her becomes more than a friend, and an autistic boy, her neighbor, also chips in to help thwart her pursuers. His writing style and character development, within the confines of a vivid telling of a unique story, is what suspense thrillers should be judged by.

What will you do next? I found the characters well developed and the plot fresh. While the two detectives try to find Teresa and prove her innocence, a case in a different precinct involving a different Castilblanco relative surfaces. This latest book from Steven M.

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Moore reads like a textbook on construction of a mystery story, and then broadens naturally into a tale of wider scope as the intrigue and mystery run together. Hidden away from near-Earth planets in remote spiral arms of the Galaxy are Human worlds that have lost contact with more progressive worlds and reverted to strange and primitive customs and traditions, their leaders using religion, superstition, and imported technologies to rule in tyranny. Following the ITUIP Interstellar Trade Union of Independent Planets Protocol, ships are restricted to observe and maintain a hands-off policy for these rogue planets, even when there is great temptation to intervene.

Eden, where a theocracy rules with an iron fist, is such a planet. A group of rebels struggles to end the oppressive regime to forge a new future.

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Steven M. Moore does a great job with balancing both the good and bad aspects of humanity, and showing how it can work out for good or ill, depending on the intent and will of the people. Detectives Chen and Castilblanco set out to solve the murder of an environmental activist. The case soon becomes international in scope as a conspiracy involving an energy conglomerate, the Russians, and an old nemesis of the detectives is unveiled. This book was a nice get-away from my usual romance. It turns out her boyfriend has evidence on an international conspiracy.

I did like this book…. The beginning drew me in…. In the series, they are all standalone books…. They uncover an international conspiracy instead….

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It is recommended for serious mystery fans who are looking for not only a challenging read, but also one that allows readers to become an armchair adventurist and detective, along with Brookstone and van Coevorden, spanning many different parts of the globe. A something going on 35, a three time widow rather suspicious and still open to new romantic adventures, childless, feminine yet able to hold her ground in a male dominated profession, she is like a female version of James Bond. Thank you, author, for sparing me the feminist rant.

Neary, in her Amazon review. For summaries of each novel, please see the individual books above.

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No reviews yet for the entire collection…be the first to review. Or see the reviews for each novel. The Secret of the Urns , by A. Set in the same sci-fi universe as A. She shows that cooperation is better than xenophobia.

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