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See our recent feature. The school opened its doors as a public charter in the fall of with grades pre-K through 3. It will reach full capacity in with students through grade 8. The classrooms launched a personalized learning model across all subject areas with support from their platform partner Education Elements. The instructional model looks different in each grade level as the teachers gradually release more responsibility to students each year.

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Intermediate blends adaptive software and performance groups in reading and math. Middle grades feature Chromebooks and big integrated blocks. They combine personalized learning, character formation, and extended day opportunities to meet the needs of every student.

Ingenuity Arts: Adaptive Leadership and the New Science

The Thrive network serves two low-income east San Diego neighborhoods, and is now P See recent feature. See P21 Case Study.

AF Bushwick is home to Empower, an intensive program serving students with disabilities. The model has three main goals: advanced mastery, relevance and student ownership read the NGLC profile. Both have great student ambassadors. Laila Ferris has been principal at Mesita for 20 years and now leads district-wide dual enrollment programs. They are piloting the Cortex platform , and student-centered and technology-enhanced learning.

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The personalized learning network is building out K feeder patterns in three low-income neighborhoods. Who did we miss? Is there a resource you would add to the list? Share in the comments section below, and check out our other recent Smart Lists at our Smart List Series. This Smart List was developed by Getting Smart, who helps schools, districts, and impact-oriented partners design and implement powerful learning experiences and forward-leaning strategies, and thought leadership campaigns.

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They have employed innovative pedagogical and cultural approaches while also deploying personalized learning capabilities via ed tech with chromebooks using Edmentum Exact Path along with NWEA integration. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Getting Smart. Check them out!


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Ingenuity Arts Quotes by Milton Friesen

I let that be my guide. It isn't narcissism or egotism, it is a way of learning to listen and feel in ways that much of contemporary society denies us. Labels: aesthetics , architecture , design , emotions , Lebiskind. You may or may not be a fan of McKinsey and their well-known methods of research, analysis and business engagement but I did find their Q2 top article list a useful stimulus for reflection on the degree and types of change that are percolating through normal business channels. Labels: adaptive organizations , business , business skills , change management , executive skills , listening , McKinsey , social dynamics , social media.

An arduino is a small hackable piece of hardware that lets you write programs on your computer and then upload them for use in controlling all kinds of motors, switches, lights, and other electronic devices. I bought one over a year ago and as time allows, I've tinkered away on it. I love the way it has helped me understand the full loop between software and hardware - an inventor's dream that I wish I had 20 years ago.

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The James Leng application is a visionary blend that is inspiring to watch. It doesn't seem to be that direct but I think that's a good thing. If you lived with "Point Cloud" for awhile, you'd see it 'behaving' and then experience the weather and eventually you'd understand how to interpret it. I don't know if that's what Leng intended but the project at any number of levels is really a fine piece of work.

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Labels: arduino , data display , design , engineering , feedback device , invention , sculpture , weather. The future of the book is a big theme and has been a particularly intense discussion for the last couple of decades. Though it was produced in , this IDEO video and short article about The Future of the Book is clear, well-designed and interesting to watch. They use three possible formats Nelson, Coupland, Alice to make guesses about where books are going from a readers perspective.

This is not about what is happening to the publishing industry lots and lots of that around but is about the user experience, how you and I could experience the pleasure of reading in new and enriched ways. Of particular interest is the dynamic of linking the mostly-private experience of reading with a wider and deeper context socially and experientially. Some of the suggested ideas may end up being more distracting than enriching, like reading a Wikipedia article where everything is hyperlinked.

There is something convenient about clicking on "Waterloo" while reading about Napoleon but some of these additions can really distract from the flow, particularly with novels. I know that one of my pet peeves are academic titles where the footnotes take up more of the page than the body text or where there are so many of them that you have to stop looking at them and just concentrate on the line in the body if a proper flow of ideas and logic is to be developed.

Do these potential new connections deepen distraction or enrich thought? It doesn't beep, vibrate, jingle, blink, or offer "something better somewhere else" as do most of our digital devices. I do like the portability of my Playbook where I can drop a whole raft of online reading content to be read in the gaps and spaces of my life. We're experimenting forward and will begin to see the answer to the enriched book in the years ahead.

Labels: book , book design , book formats , digital distraction , focus , IDEO , publishing , reading. This data visualization from Kiva's Annual Report is worth taking a look at for the way that it takes a significant amount of data and designs the presentation so you can quickly see the patterns. Even if the music isn't your thing, the idea that a platform was developed to facilitate the exchange of resources between people - money from lenders, updates, stories and a sense of purpose from borrowers small business partners, really - is valuable and worth contemplating further for all aspects of organizational strategy.