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Dan Torrance probably thought he got through the worst of it when he was a kid living at The Overlook. It was labeled as a dark, suspenseful, psychological thriller. Yes, it was dark but in no way was it suspenseful or a psychological thriller. There was no suspense whatsoever. It was more like a dark contemporary novel about grief and loss. It's about a man, Jeffrey, whose wife suddenly dies and the ways he attempts to cope with his grief. He and his friends dress up as adult cheerleader dolls and rob houses. This book is really an in depth study of Jeffrey.

Jeffrey's character is sad and lonely. He doesn't know what to do to get past his wife's death.

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His new friends and fetishes aren't enough. He slowly self destructs as the book goes on. Lena and William are Jeffrey's friends.

He met Lena in his bereavement group. She is a formerly rich widowed housewife. She is very supportive of Jeffrey and tries to help him keep things positive while letting him grieve in his own way. William met Jeffrey online and shares in his love for the cheerleader fetish. He wants Jeffrey to try to move on past his grief instead of wallowing in it. There were a ton of wordy descriptions in this book that made it seem longer than it was.

The narrator does not help with this problem.

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He sounded like an old man. His voice did not fit the setting of the book. I couldn't get used to it. His speaking was measured and slow. There were a lot of unnecessary pauses.

It just didn't work for me. Perhaps I would have enjoyed this book more if I hadn't listened to it and had read it in print instead. The story had potential but because of the narrator I was put off from the get go and found I couldn't fully get into it. This is an unbiased review and all thoughts and opinions are my own. This was a well told story about the death of Jeffrey's wife and how he emotionally deals with it until the end of the book. I won't spoil anything for readers but the narrator did an excellent job keeping you on edge until the very end.

Definitely worth the time. Get a free audiobook. Drama Dolls: A Novel. Written by: Jason Tanamor. Narrated by: Tom Kruse. Length: 5 hrs and 51 mins. Publisher's Summary From the author of the critically acclaimed cult novel Anonymous , comes a dark, psychological, suspenseful thriller about love and loss. Meet Jeffrey. More from the same Author: Hello Fabulous!

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